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nuevos vientos de argentina

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“Suman talento al nuevo jazz argentino”

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Free from free jazz

"Jazz al sur"

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A intensa cena jazzística da Argentina tem uma história de muitas décadas.

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La Jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado. La libertad como concepto. Unas pocas palabras que encierran toda una idea. 



Sax player, composer, improviser and multidisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Her artistic practice and work reflect the constant creation of new sound and visual landscapes, exploring the relationship between different forms of composition and free improvisation.

Studied classical saxophone at the Conservatory “Astor Piazzolla”, jazz at the “Manuel de Falla” Conservatory and Film Director at the Universidad Del Cine. In 2015 won a scholarship from the Fondo Nacional de las Artes (FNA) to assist to a workshop about composition and improvisation in Bariloche, Argentina. In 2017 participated in three music residencies dictated by: Tim Berne, Marilyn Crispell and Ben Goldberg. Participated of the “SIM” workshop directed by Ralph Alessi in New York. Took private lessons with Tony Malaby, Chris Cheek, Luis Natch, Kris Davis, Diego Schissi, among others. In 2018 won together with the band “El devenir del rio” a grant from FNA. In 2019 Won the grant “Raúl Urtazún & Frances Harley” to assist to the workshop of Jazz and Creative music at Banff Centre, Canada. Won the FNA “creation grant” to create new compositions as a result of a deep investigation about gender violence in Argentina. Participates in the online workshop “Ensemble Evolution” dictated by the International Contemporary Ensemble, hosted by the New School of Performing Arts of New York. 
On September 2020 started the master’s degree program “CoPeCo Contemporary Performance and Composition” and won the Erasmus grant to support her studies. The two-year program occurs each semester in a different institution: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Estonia, Royal College of Music in Stockholm in Sweden, National Superior Conservatory of Music Dance of Lyon in France and Hamburg University of Music and Theatre in Germany. Co-created the collective interdisciplinary group and improvised series of womxn improvisers called “La Jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado”. Released as a band leader the albums “A veces la luz de lo que existe resplandece solamente a la distancia” (2017), “De este lado”(2019), Aura (2020). 

Played, records, and collaborates with many artists from the Buenos Aires music scene and international such as La Big Nant, Axel Filip Sextet, Gandini band, El devenir del río, Burka, Vinnie Sperazza, Kenneth Jimenez, Nicola Hein, Maya Keren, Lesley Mok, Burka, Julian Mekler sextet, among others.

Longer biography:


Her short film No tires mi angustia por el balcón was finalist in the 64 Film Festival contest

Premieres her short film De florecer made in 16mm.

Travels to the Havana, Cuba, to study music for two months with the renowned saxophonist Ernesto Camilo Vega.

Participates in the international jazz festival of Buenos Aires with the Big Band of Manuel de Falla with the great trombone player of the United States Ed Neumeister. Participate in the Ramallo jazz festival with the Mingunos group. Participates of the band of Larry Braggs, former singer of tower of power, in his tour in Argentina, with the band T.O.P Queens.

Wins a grant from the FNA (National Arts foundation) to attend a one-week composition and improvisation seminar in Bariloche.
- Presents her interdisciplinary work called "Si una fuente se siente bien echando agua ".
- Participate in the jazz festival of Buenos Aires with the big band of the manuel de falla with the great trumpeter of the United States Jim Rotondi and with the jazz nonet Mingunos.

Is selected among students and alumni of the Manuel de Fallat; to participate in three different one-week workshops taught by Marilyn Crispell, Ben Goldberg and Tim Berne (USA) with whom she also participated in concerts at the Cultural Center Kirchner.
- Participates of the jazz festival of Buenos Aires with the big band of Manuel de Falla with the United States saxophonist Andrew d Angelo.
- Participates of the Santa Fe jazz festival with the Mingunos nonet.


Travels to New York to participate of the” SIM” workshop of improvisation and composition conducted by Ralph Alessi at the Brooklyn Music Conservatory and to take private lessons with Mayra Melford, Ben Wendel, Kris Davis, Micheal Attias and Ellery Eskelin.

- Releases her first album as a bandleader called A veces, la luz de lo que existe resplandece sólamente a la distancia with a sextet, edited by the record label “Kuai” and also a part of the selection and distribution of “El club del disco”.

Travels to New York to play with the quintet of Kazuki Yanamaka, Japanese saxophonist and a trio with Kenneth Jiménez and Axel Filip.
- Wins a grant from the FNA (national arts foundation) with the group El devenir del rio to compose music for the group and commission music to other female composers for the group.
- Chosen by critics of El intruso as the saxophone revelation of 2018.
- Creates together with Violeta Garcia the group interdisciplinary collective group of womxn improvisers called La jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado 


- Produced with collaboration of Violeta García and the record label TVL REC a record of this project released on March 8, 2019 as a symbol of struggle and resistance to so much gender violence.- The album was presented in Vicente el absurdo on March 8, and in April at the Centro Cultural de la Memoria Haroldo Conti and  on the International Jazz Festival of Buenos Aires in november where they recorded their second album live.

- Assisted to the super 8 workshop dictated by Paulo Pécora in the cinema museum of Buenos Aires.
- Tours to Peru to play with the trio Burka; to play in the international jazz festival of Lima and to dictate a seminar called Creative improvisation workshop of free improvisation and conduction with Nicolás del Aguila at the Fundación Telefónica.
- Participates of the music residency of the prestigious trumpet player Valentin Garvie at the “Centro de experimentación del teatro Colón”.
- Was invited to participate in the jazz series curetted by Cesar Pradines of the Kirchner Cultural Center with her quartet.
- Was selected to participate in the “Jazz  Creative music” workshop taught at the Banff Center for Arts and Creativity located in Banff, Alberta, Canada. At the same time won the “Raúl Urtazún & Frances Harley” scholarship to cover all costs of
transportation, housing and workshop expenses.
- Traveled to New York to play in several concerts, including in the Downtown music gallery, in a quartet with Violeta García, Diana Arias and Joanna Mattrey and a trio in Bushwick public house with Vinnie Sperazza and Kenneth Jimenez.
- Won the grant of the FNA to start the writing of her next composition work that includes the participation of several women improvisers of the music scene of Buenos Aires.
- Released a new album of saxophone improvisations with some accessories and fx, and a fanzine with her poems, both things with the same name “De este lado”, edited by El club del disco.

- Participates of the international Jazz festival of Buenos Aires with Damsel Talk, La big Nant and her project “La jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado”
- Played and recorded with the piano player Maya Keren and the bass player Akiva Jacobs (both from U.S.A) at their visit in buenos aires.
- Curates a series of concerts of free improvisation with her coligue and friend Daniel Ivan Bruno called “Festival Guillotina”.
- February will record her next album with help of the FNA grant
- March will participate of two concerts on the Center of experimentation of the prestigious Teatro Colón with a group lead by the trumpet player Valentin Garvie.
- Was selected to assist to the residency directed by Vijey Iyer at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.

-Participates in the workshop Ensemble Evolution by International Contemporary Ensemble hosted by the New School of Performing Arts NYC.

-Participates of the workshop of "sound design" by Sergey Kolesov hosted by the Universidad Nacional de las Artes

-In August 2020 will released her third album called "Aura" by the record label Ears&Eyes records

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