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A door in the mountain

Inspired by the poem "A door in a mountain" by Jean Valentine, this concert series envisions a space that unites four intergenerational female, non-binary, and other underrepresented gender identity artists from different parts of the world, in different art mediums: writing, music & visual art.

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The Warmth Of Proximity

created and curated by Camila Nebbia

Created to unite womxn and non-binary improvisers from different parts of the world and create bridges between them! Presented as LIVE STREAMING for the Experimental Sound Studio of Chicago

Beautiful words from Jen Shyu about the series (thank you!) : “Reminds me of the power of these connections across borders, which are undeniable and reflect the future, rising up, unstoppable.”

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"La Jaula se ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado"
co-created and curated with Violeta García

At the end of 2018, the colective group of womxn improvisers called “la jaulase ha vuelto pájaro y se ha volado” (the cage has become a bird and has flown away) was created.

Composed of several musicians, dancers and visual artists mostly residents in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Created by Camila Nebbia and Violeta García with a personal and collective need to deepen the free improvisation created by women. At the same time generating a space for experimentation and visibility of women improvisers of different disciplines. At the beginning of 2019, through the TVL REC label they recorded their first album, released on March 8 as a symbol of struggle and resistance to so much gender violence. The disc was published in "fanzine" format with download code where several visual artists participate and in turn is found on all digital platforms. The album " was presented in Vicente the absurd on March 8, and in April at the Cultural Center of Memory Haroldo Conti and were invited to participate in the International Jazz Festival of Buenos airs in November 2019.


First and second record was produced by Camila Nebbia and Violeta Garcia with colaboration of the record label TVL REC.

The entire album is improvised music, created to unite and make visible women improvisers from argentina and other parts of the world, together fighting together for equal Rights. This album was released on march 8th 2019.


Participate in this album:

Camila Nebbia, Violeta García, Paula Shocron, Fabiana Galante, Juliana Moreno, Catu Hardoy, Pia Hernandez, Rocio Gimenez Lopez, Luciana Bass, Hupata, El devenir del rio, Ada Rave, Julia Sanjurjo, Lucia Boffo, Melina Moguilevsky, Florencia Otero, Jazmin prodan, Barbara Togander, Carola Zelaschi, Ingrid Feniger, Tatiana Castro Mejía, Yung Tuan Ku y Marta Warelis. 

Guillotina Fest 

co-created and curated with Daniel Iván Bruno
Multidisciplinary festival in the city of Buenos Aires, that reunited musicians, visual artists and physical performers for free improvised concerts.

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