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20/01 w/ Andrew Lisle, John Edwards & Kit Downes @ km28, Berlin, Germany


10/2 w/ Barbara Togander & Joakim Reiner @ Trondheim

13/2 w Barbara Togander & Joakim Reiner @ Stockholm


14/2 w Barbara Togander & Joakim Reiner @ Oslo


16/2 w John Hughes @ Hamburg


17/2 w John Hughes @ Westwer, Hamburg


24/2 w Barbara Togander & Joakim Reiner @ Vienna














14/01 une fissure dans le système @ Lyon, France

17/01 Diving Deeper "Gender Liberation" by This is a Movement (online)


05/02 performing with Nathan Larson @ Malmo, Sweden (postponed)

11/02 performing with L' Attracteur Etrange @ Toi Toi le Zinc Lyon, France

12/02 performing with Lesley Mok & Hector Lena Schroll @ Chez Marco, Paris, France


02/03 Pensees Rotatives de Theo Girard @ Dynamo Paris, France 

09/03 with Anna Aro & Karla Arévalo @ Ecole de Cirque de Lyon, France

10/03 "El ruido de todo lo que desaparece" @ Theatree Astree, Lyon, France



15/04 performing with Alondra Jazz quintet @ Taller de luis, Berlin, Germany

17/04 performing with Alondra Jazz quintet @ Kaffeehaus Mila,  Berlin, Germany


28/05 performing @ Festival of New Music Hamburg, Germany


29/04 with Matthieu Mazue @ Bern, Switzerland



1st till 11 of may at UNCOOL residency with Lesley Mok, Isabel Crespo, Eddy Kwon & Zekkereya El-maghrbel @ Poschiavo, Switzerland 


12/05 performing with Joanna Mattrey, Camilo Ángeles & Violeta García @ Berlin, Germany


14/05 performing with Joanna Mattrey, Camilo Ángeles & Violeta García @ Hamburg, Germany


16/06 till 22/06 in residency with Karla Arévalo @ Cirkus i Väst, Sweden

28/05 performing with Lesley Mok, Hector Lena-Schroll and John Huges @ Hamburg, Germany


02/06 performing with Paul Pignon & Thomas Bjelkborn @Kuhlspot, Berlin, Germany

07/06 performing with Copeco + Spiic @Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg, germany

10/06 performing solo saxophone for "Memory of a Machine" @ Orbit Altona, Hamburg, Germany

12/06 performing "Flutter" @ Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg, Germany 


-14/6 at Downtown Music Gallery 6.30pm with Jessica Ackerley and Lesley Mok

-16/6 at M³ FESTIVAL co-presented with Winter Jazzfest NYC Winter Jazzfest with Cecilia Lopez Maya Keren Lesley Mok Joanna Mattrey playing my music “La permanencia de los ecos” at 6pm this is at Greenwich House Music School , New York City

-17/6 at Ibeam with MAW trio (Jessica Ackerley, Eli Wallace & Frank Meadows )
, New York City

-18/6 at Record Shop, Red hook, with Aaron Rubinstein , Kevin Murray at 7.30pm
, New York City

-18/6 at scholes street studio playing with Santiago Leibson & Tom Rainey, New York City

-19/6 with Gabriel Fraivilling @ la mancha bar, New York City

22/06 performing with Julia Sanjurjo, Federico Isasti & Guido Kohn @ PAS, Berlin, Germany 


12/07 performing "El ruido de todo lo que desaparece"@ HfMT Forum, Hamburg, Germany 


17/07 performing "Loud Rooms" @ Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Germany

28/07 performing with Zahir (Lucia Boffo, Lisa Hoppe & Danielle Friedman) Berlin, Germany

29/07 performing with Lisa Hoppe, Berlin, Germany


4/8 performing at BUMMMM! jam session, Berlin, Germany

13/8 performing with Brandon Lopez & Cecilia Lopez @ Ibeam, NYC, U.S

13th - 28th Omi residency, New York, U.

28/8 performing trio with Vinnie Sperrazza & Michael Formanek @ Downtown Music Gallery 7.30 pm NYC


-2/09 playing solo at Ibeam 7,30pm with more sets by Yoon Sun Choi Carmen Rothwell & Emi


8/09 performing with Kenneth Jimenez & Axel Filip @Donau115, Berlin, Germany

11/09 Performing with Kenneth Jimenez @ Kulspot, Berlin Germany

12/09 to 17/09 in residency with Simone Barone and Conserere collective @ Milan, Italy

16/09 performing duo with Simone Barone @ Milan, Italy

21/09 presenting Huella Ignorada @ ULTIMA Festival @ Oslo, Norway 

15/09 performing with David Bennet @ Larry's Corner, Stockholm, Sweden

26/09 performing with Susana Santos Silva, Elsa Bergman & Hara Alonso @ Ronnells, Stockholm, Sweden

27/09 performing with Five Saxes Quintet @ Dynamo Stockholm, Sweden 

28/09 performing with Tomás Cabado & Axel Filip @ Sowieso, Berlin, Germany

30/09 performing with Devin Gray, Amirtha Kidambi & Thorbjorn Stefansson @ Sowieso, Berlin, Germany


1/10 performing with Maria Mange & Patrick Shiroishi + John Hughes solo set @ Sowieso, Berlin, Germany

2/10 performing with Patrick Shiroishi, John Hughes & Axel Filip @ Westwerk, Hamburg, Germany

4/10 performing duo with John Hughes @ Klub Primi, Copenhagen, Denmark

13/10 performing with Tomomi Kubo @ Soda Acustic, Barcelona, Spain

26/10 with L'Attracteur Etrange  @ Le periscope, Lyon, France


30/10 The Art of Improvisation / TAOI , Hamburg, Germany


1/11 performing with  Antoine Viard @ les 26 chaises, Paris, France

3/11 performing with Antoine Viard & Benjamin Duboc @ Les instants chavirés, Paris, France

4/11 performing with Antoine Viard & Benjamin Duboc @ Le Laïtou (Mont-St-Jean), France

5/ 11 concert 4tet with Daunik Lazro @ Domaine de Lachaux (Alligny-en-Morvan) France

16/11 impro concert @ Studioboerne45, Berlin, Germany

26/11 performing with Nick Dunston & Oli Steidl @ Sowieso, Beriln Germany


3/12 performing with Diana Arias, Barbara Togander & Paula Shocron @ Suena Washington, Buenos Aires, Argentina

8/12 with Cuki Lopez and Brune La Cava @ Koowlon Buenos Aires, Argentina

9/12 Festival Guillotina @ Buenos Aires, Argentina

15/12 performing with Nicolás del Aguila @ CC. Nueva Uriarte, Buenos Aires, Argentina

16/12 performing with Andrés Elstein Group @ Prez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

23/12 performing with Nicolás del Aguila, Pia Hernandez, Belén Lopez & Lucas Goicoechea @ Prez, Buenos Aires, Argentina

30/12 with Nicolás Bocanera, Damsel Talk, Axel Filip & Diana Arias @ Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina




22/8/21 duo with Sophie Blomqwist @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden


2/9/21 projection of audiovisual piece "Todos los ríos" @ all that jazz festival, Malinska, Croatia

3/9/21 performing Gården @ Rinkeby, Stockholm, Sweden


4/9/21 performing Gården @ Rinkeby, Stockholm, Sweden

10/9/21 quartet with Elsa Bergman Katt Hernandez & David Bennet @Sångbolaget, Stockholm 

18/09/21 performing with EWTA @ Matrimoine Lyón, France

18/09/21 performing with EWTA @ Matrimoine Lyón, France


11/10/21 Solo performance @ Diskurs35 Festival, Gieben, Germany

15/10/21 performing with Christian Rollet & Clément Gibert @ grrrnd zero, Lyón, France

23/10/21 performing with Susana Santos Silva, Hara Alonso & Elsa Bergman @ Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

24/10/21 performing with Scott Cazan @ Skaiv, Stockhlm, Sweden

28/10/21 David Bennet quartet @ Glenn Miller, Stockholm

TBA solo performance @ Festival Expresiones Contemporáneas, Puebla, México


6/11/21 curating "The Warmth of Proximity" for Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, U.S

12/11/21 performing with UGES @ Murcia, Spain

14/11/21 performing with Elena Perales Andreu @ Madrid 

29/11/21 Copeco Lab @ Lyon, France


4/11/21 performing @ Bern, Switzerland


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